CITC Enterprise (Thai) Co. Ltd

CITC Enterprise (Thai) Co. Ltd is located in Muang Chonburi, Thailand which builds on a 3360 Sq.  .Ft. The company was established in NOV 2000 with a total paid –up capital of THB 46 Mil.  Total employees 70 and operator: 51 persons, indirect: 19 persons. In future, company will focus on developing and marketing of special grade compounding, like:

1. Additive compounding
     A. Flame retardant.  B. Anti-static. C. Anti-bacteria.
2. Colour compounding
     A. Transparent –opaque colour   B. Effect colour . C.Etc
3. Filler compounding
     A.Talc   B. Glass Fiber   C. Etc
4. Alloy compounding
     A. PC/ABS   B. Etc
5. Engineering plastic’s compounding
     A.PC,POM, PA6 ,PBT
6.Master batch for every plastics type
     A.Colour  B. Additive  C.Etc
7.Dry power for every plastics type  

Company operates with a fully capital of 1,5000MT per year. CITC (THAI) got Quality management certification in 2000:ISO-9001:2000 SGS, UL,Rohs and the major customers are THAILAND, CHINA, JAPAN and KOREA’S Well-known manufacturers