CRTC Group
Company Profile
CRTC Group’s main businesses are focusing in machine and equipment facility, raw materials, consumer goods, and other sales agent of import and export. From a simple trading business, CRTC Group branched out into the field to processing manufacturing. CRTC Group’s services areas include supply of raw materials, equipment, and introduction of technology to the global product marketing, market information and market analysis consulting services.

In recent years, in order to provide customers with more complete services, the direction towards the development of secondary processing of materials has been expanded including plastics, electronics and biotechnology industries.

CRTC Group persist the attitude with "satisfying clients with innovate services", to service customers throughout the world. In addition to active creation of overseas business base and to provide perfect and professional services (Full-Package Service) to different types of customers, CRTC Group also provide more flexible style of professional services to meet the different needs of customers around the world.

In future, CRTC Group will base on existing core competencies as basic, open mode operation of the organization, combined with information technology from suppliers to provide new opportunities for customers.
To further promote the company to the public and corporations, Chailease Resources Trading CO. LTD was renamed Chailease Resources Technology CO. LTD in June 2009. It is hoped to serve the society with more enthusiasm, and serve clients with active and innovative attitude.
1982.08 Established CITC Trading Dept.
1991.06 Established CITC (Malaysia)
1991.10 Established CITC (Penang)
1992.04 CRTC headquarter moved to Lin-Kou, Taiwan
1994.09 Established CITC (Kuala Lumpur)
1994.12 Established Chailease Resources Trading Co.   Ltd. (CRTC)
1998.12 Established Chailease Plastic (Shanghai) Corp.
2000.11 Established CITC Enterprise (Thai) Co. Ltd
2001.03 Established Chailease MEIKI Co. Ltd.
2006.09 Established Chailease Resources Trading (Shanghai) Corp.
2006.10 Established DongGuan Chailease Resources Trading Co. Ltd
2008.12 Molding Div. of Chailease Plastic (Shanghai) Corp. operated

2009.01 Established Chailease Resources Trading (Shanghai) SuZhou Office
2009.06 Chailease Resources Trading Co. Ltd. renamed Chailease Resources Techonology Co. Ltd. (CRTC)
2009.09 CRTC initial public offering
2010.09   Established Chailease Resources Trading (Suzhou) Corp.
2011.12 Established Chongqing office (China)