Aim to become the most representative comprehensive Technology Integration Service Company

CRTC Group was established in the age of Taiwan's economic growing and industrial developing period. They were first focused in providing materials, equipments and technologies. At the same time, CRTC Group play the role as communication bridge between manufactures and customers in order to strengthen their collaboration relation. Although industrial field transform rapidly, CRTC Group still prioritized in innovative services and customer success, assist the manufacturers and customers to enhance competitiveness.

Employees are CRTC Group 's precious asset. Employees in CRTC Group work efficiently together. They are all highly motivated, trying to increase self-achievements, have ambitions but not to be over-ambitious, able to cope up with industrial trend very well in order to sustain company operation.

CRTC Group manage to obtain success through the collaboration between the suppliers and customers as well as the hardwork by the employees. Our spirit of 'Positive, Enthusiastic, Innovative, Dedicated' are carved in our mind along the road of success. We will play well in our role as the comprehensive Technology Integration Service Company and obtain win-win situation together with suppliers and customers.