Staroy PC/ABS, featuring the favorable characteristics of ABS such as moldability, better impact strength at low temeratures, and metal plating, is a remarkable engineering plastic with the essential properties needed for engineering plastics. staroy PC/ABS explicitly shows character by combining the excellent mechanical and electrical properties, heat resistance, dimensional stability of polycarbonate, and the high qualities of ABS such as workability, and secondary processability. Moreover, the heat stability, weather resistance, and flame retardant promote the plastic's usefulness as a material in automobiles, electric and electronic goods. Flame retardant plastics are essential for fire safety. staroy PC/ABS is a remarkable flame retardant, but also super-weather resistance and heat stability.

1) Processability Due to the processability of ABS, staroy PC/ABS shows better flow characteristics than PC. This solves problems such as warpage and stress-cracking after molding. The attributes required after molding such as electromagnatic interference shielding by plating, surface and design flexibility endows a similar secondary processability to ABS.

2) Mechanical Properties Staroy PC/ABS provides excellent impact strength in comparison with other engineering plastics. This impact stabilized resistance leads to its application in structural materials and other exterior parts. Staroy PC/ABS is available in a wide temperature range showing remarkable mechanical strength compared to other engineering plastics. This property is suitable when cold or heat resistance is required in products.

3) Chemical Resistance Staroy PC/ABS, in general, is stable in alcohol, water, oil, and salts, but it can swell or melt or even crack when it is in contact with alkali, aliphatic hydrocarbons, and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Their selection of appropriate solvents is advisable when applying secondary processing parts such as metal plating and painting, or while used along with chemicals.

4) Dimensional Stability Staroy PC/ABS show good dimensional stability by its minute shrinkage changes whether perpendicular or parallel to the flow direction. Generally, in the case of filler reinforced grade with the orientation of the filler alongside the injection direction, the mold shrinkage rate differs whether the direction is perpendicular or parallel to the flow, thus resulting in warpage. However, application to super precision parts will be satisfactory when the special staroy PC/ABS grade is used.

1) Remarkable Heat Stability This generally known flame retardant grade has a difficult molding process caused its poor heat stability. The main cause is due to the addition of flame retardants and additives, which give black streaks. Non-halogen, phosphorous flame retardant PC/ABS has an extremely reliable heat stability allowing the flexible design of the molding conditions such as the type of hot runner and pin point gate, and other.

2) Various Flame Retardant PC/ABS against Environmental Problems Flame retardants that could produce toxic materials(Dioxin, Difuran) during combustion are not used at Cheil Industries products. Development of non-antimony flame retardant grades and non-halogen phosphorous flame retardant grades provide a wide choice for environmentally safe products. The non-antimony flame retardant PC/ABS contains outstanding heat stability when compared to halogen flame retardant grades. staroy non-halogen, phosphorous flame retardant PC/ABS completely resolved the post-molding stress cracking problems observed in other non-halogen flame retardant PC/ABS resins.

3) Variety in Grades General grades - Grades with similar properties of ABS provide good flow properties and metal plating. - Grades are available for automotive parts that gives steam/super-weather /high-heat resistance and thermal degradation resistance. Flame retardant grade(UL certificate achieved) - Grades are divided in thickness and flammability by the addition of high functional flame retardants : V-2, V-1, V-0, 5V - High heat resistance (HDT 115℃) grade - special grades that contain high heat stability without using antimony trioxide. Phosphorous flame retardant grades Non-halogen phosphorous flame retardant PC/ABS resins ranging from general to high heat resistance grades. These grades solve the toxic problems possibly caused by halogen flame retardant products during combustion.

4) Weather Resistance General grade staroy PC/ABS shows little change in mechanical strength and discoloring when exposed to light due to its good weather resistance. The staroy PC/ABS flame retardant grade offers various desirable grades ranging from general flame retardant to super-weather resistant flame retardant grade. This is acquired by applying the original techniques of cheil Industries Inc. and use of remarkable weather resistant flame retardants.