PC & PC Alloy


The staren PC/GF, which is an engineering plastic made by adding glass fiber to polycarbonate(PC), has excellent mechanical properties, heat distortion temperature, and self-extingulshing characteristics. The incorporation of glass fiber into the PC matrix provides various advantages.

Since the type, length, and amount of glass fiber used in the manufacturing procedure produces significant material properties, a careful selection of the proper grade is recommended for the successful use of glass fiber reinforced PC.


1) High Strength at Elevated Temperatures
Since staren PC/GF has a high tensile strength, flexural strength, and elastic modulus in a wide temperature range, it is possible to use this material at temperatures above 90℃.

2) High Impact Strength
The staren PC/GF has a high falling dart impact strength and notched impact strength in comparison with those of other glass fiber reinforced engineering plastics.

3) Improved Dimensional Stability
The staren PC/GF is the best choice for precision part molding because it shows very little molding shrinkage in comparison with other engineering plastics.

4) Improved Paintability
The staren PC/GF is safe to use with widely used paint thinners. In particular the SI-3109G grade of the staren PC/GF has the characteristics of a very strong paint adhesive strength leading to marked improvements in surface appearance.

5) Excellent Flame Retardant
Even without the addition of any flame retardants, the staren PC/GF has achieved flammability ratings of UL 94 V-1, 1/16") and V-0 rating of 1/4" and 1/8" due to the self-extinguishing nature of the base material PC.