Generally HIPS is useful for the electric and electronic applications due to its excellent material properties. The materials used in electric and electronic applications must have flame retardant properties to prevent fire caused by the occurrence of electricity leakage. In addition, due to legislation regarding the use of flame retardant materials for fire safety, there has been a steadily increasing demand for flame retardant products. When dealing with plastic material for fire retardant, the following general approaches are available: design of the basic polymers and incorporation of chemicals. For many plastic materials, the most feasible method of improving their nonflammability available flame retardants, such as halogen compounds(Br, Cl, etc). Cheil Industries Inc. produces various grades of Flame Retardant HIPS through the advanced production technology.

1) Mechanical Property : In general, molded products may experience crack, warpage or cause various problems depending on the injection molding conditions or environmental conditions. Flame Retardant HIPS shows stable impact strength and flexural characteristics at high temperatures as well as at low temperatures, so that proper grades may be chosen depending on the user's intentions.

2) Thermal Property : The excellent thermal stability of Flame Retardant HIPS promotes a wide range of applications. Each grade is exhibits different levels of deformation, and thus a careful selection of grade is necessary according to the environment, that is, the maximum temperature ranges of the molded product should be given great consideration.

3) Flowability : Flame Retardant HIPS displays excellent melt flow characteristics with balanced material properties to meet the customer's needs. Such characteristics support productivity improvements and flexibility in the design process for molded products that features large sizes and complicated geometrical shapes.

4) Weather resistance : There has been a growing demand for the use of weather resistant flame retardant grades in electrical and electronic equipment. Flame Retardant HIPS, with its excellent weather resistance and flame retardant, is very useful for applications requiring those characteristics.